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Donald Wall


Corliss R. Wall

  Abstract Artist


Donald Wall and Corliss R. Wall have been active prosessional artists since the 1960's.  During this time they have shown their work in multiple galleries, won many awards, been involved with local artists communities and have taught classes and seminars in both painting and sculpture.  Don and Corliss have been commissioned for many jobs over the years, for works in all medias using both canvas, stone and assembliages.  Works are on exhibit from private homes to churches and offices.  


Different Dimensions Art Studio, the home of Real Wall Art, is designed to show the diverse talents of our artists and their visual thoughts as expressed through their artwork. The artists represented employ a variety of art forms, mediums and artistic styles to accomplish their goals and visions.


We create custom one of a kind artwork made to your specifications.  To commission a personal work of art, email us with your request. All of us at Different Dimensions Art Studio will be happy to work with you.






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